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GrimesWriter GrimesWriter
I can resize the picture you want for your pfp. Just send the pic in this forum and I can resize it. I do banners too! I will post pfps and banners for fun roo.
GrimesWriter GrimesWriter
GrimesMcallister GrimesMcallister
It didn’t work… I’m not sure why…
GrimesMcallister GrimesMcallister
It said it has to be between 50x50 and 200x200… i don’t think it’s small enough.
GrimesWriter GrimesWriter
SO6PMadara said: It didn’t work… I’m not sure why…
Sorry, needed to resize it to an suitable size. I tested this one this time.

GrimesMcallister GrimesMcallister
GrimesWriter GrimesWriter
Naruto & Himawari with Kyuubi 

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lonelyGrimes2 lonelyGrimes2
Hello everyone, Saturn here. And for those wondering, yes, I am a minor. It’d really be appreciated if Sonya didn’t lie about me. Listen, I just want to clear some shit up. I am Blackfoot. Sonya’s dressup outfit was clearly meant to be a stereotypical Native American outfit for the sake of aesthetic. I was anxious to say anything and deleted the comment immediately after. Sonya re-enabled the comment just to reply. She called me, a minor, Grimes. I couldn’t care less to be honest, but the email worries me. Cloudnovel’s users have definitely dropped since 2020 due to Sonya’s behavior on Twitter and general loss of interest, but there still are likely thousands attached to the email. I may genuinely leave the internet due to this, as I’m expecting a wave of harassment to come my way. But this isn’t for pity. I’m sure you all know what’s going  on with Sonya and her belief that Grimes is harassing her. Whatever the case, I truely am sorry her mental state has dwindled like this. But I will say that the email was taken out of context and even with, I’m Blackfoot and was merely upset by the outfit seeing as Thanksgiving costumes are often “pilgrim and Indian,” being very stereotypical. I want to be left alone. I was going to be spiteful with this, but I just don’t have the energy anymore. Me and my friends are trying to discover what’s going on but this is a really stressful situation and I honestly don’t know if I want to deal with it anymore.

Just, please. If you had the urge to find me on other platforms after the email, don’t. Leave me alone. I’m just a kid. I just want to be left alone to make visual novels, as they’re my escape from reality. If my message is edited, oh well. I wouldn’t put it past Sonya to lie about me like that. She has about other kids, too.

Farewell cloudnovel, it was a great 4 years

Oh yeah, by the way, Sonya blocked me when I reached out to her telling her I’d provide proof of my identity. At least I got a refund for my points.

foxyCumGrimes foxyCumGrimes