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Hi, I am the creator of Wannabe. Wannabe is about a girl wanting to be an idol despite her parents wanting her to be a lawyer. Will she achieve her dreams of stardom or fall into the future that was planned for her? Its genres are Romance, Drama, and Otome. The romantic focus is GirlxBoy. The age maturity is Teen 16 due to mild swearing. What I am looking for is another writer, I will handle the art, sprites, characters, music, and backgrounds. 
Wow sounds like a cool story. I am currently working on my own visual novel but I don't mind helping out a bit (I have a lot of free time right now) I can handle mild swearing but if it's anything more adult or NSFW then I probably can't help. Hope the spot is still open ^^
hi could I be of some help with dialogue and righting if thats ok