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Ever had a mess of characters or a bit of information for your character but didn't know where to put it? Have photos or maybe just want to chat? This is the right place for you.

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The Kim family is a wealthy family from South Korea. The children due to their mother, Cordelia Kim are descendants of a demon lord. The patriarch, Joon Kim, is the current CEO of Kim Technologies, an huge technology company. Soo-Young Kim is the heiress to the company and there is 7 children in total.

Kim Family Coat of Arms: 

Name - Suk Kim
Aliases/Nicknames - 
  • Gramps (by his grandchildern)
Height - 5'2 (hunched over) 6'4 (in youth)
Birthday - March 7, 1956
Gender - Male
Sexuality - ?
Age - 66
Species - Human
Family -
  • Unnamed Wife (decreased)
  • Joon Kim (Son)
  • Unnamed Daughter
  • Cordelia Kim (Daughter in law)
  • Soo-Young Kim (Granddaughter)
  • 7 unnamed grandchildren  

The former CEO and founder of Kim Technologies, he is retired and lives in the family's manor. He served in the Vietnam war at the age of 17.

ReedWriterBoi ReedWriterBoi
Kim Technologies was founded in 1678 by Suk Kim. It started by telephones then computers and further technology. 
Kim Technologies Logo:

Kim Technologies Building: