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It is time again for our news update to let everyone know what is happening on CloudNovel® this week! This is also the first time that I, ThayBrownie, am writing newsletters for our creative community. 

Featured Art from Discord

Our talented community of artists are at it again with lots of new art in our #art channel on the 
official CloudNovel® Discord. These are just a few of the new art pieces created this week by our discord community.

A shoutout to our talented discord users whose art we featured:

Briar Rose#5995

Sonya's Twitch Schedule

This week, Princess @Sonya will be streaming her new adventures in Sonya's alternate universe (Sims 4) on the official CloudNovel® Twitch starting at 5pm EST. If you want to see Sonya herself, live on camera, make sure to follow us on Twitch to know when she goes live!

You can look at the full schedule here:

Sonya's Development Update

Here is Sonya's official development update for this week:

Hi guys, it's me, Sonya, I don't have anything new to report other than I'm working on 2 premium only features for CloudAvatar game engine. I would say it's 25% done, but I'm hoping to get it 100% done, yes both features, by end of day Sunday. Yup, time is crunching.

Other than CloudAvatar engine, I fixed a few visual bugs for keyframe animations, both CloudNovel & CloudAvatar. If you try out the keyframe animations, they work more smoothly, I improved the user interface.

That's all I have for this week, and yeah, now with Thay as head moderator, I can go back to development work, aka coding, again. You guys will be seeing more software updates from now on.

Thanks, take care!



Featured Resources of the Week

This week, we have four featured resources, and they are all free:

  • Pink Maid by @iluminu: This is a lovely free character sprite by Iluminu, and one of the earliest and most popular free character sprites in our public resources library! Many CloudNovelists have used this maid character in countless visual novel games, and proved to be a splendid choice for their demo or first time games!
  • Future Space BG by @konett: A perfect choice for making a sci-fi game in outer space. This background is the interior of a space vessel, and is a great additional to any science fiction game.
  • Sweets by @konett: Chocolates are always sweet, but including them in a game is even better! These cute box of chocos are great for a romantic date game or anything to do with Valentine's day. 
  • Cloudy Unicorn Icons by @ThayBrownie: A very pretty set of icons, designed by none other than myself, these are great for using arrows icon in your visual novel. Or if you want to be creative, using them as GUI in you dress up game! The possibilities are endless~

End of newsletter

That concludes our first newsletter of 2023. Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading our update for this week.