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Sorry everyone, my internet has been really bad so I was not as active on Discord and the community forums this week. Anyway this is the last week of January, and we have exciting new things that me and Sonya are doing behind the scenes! 

Sonya's Twitch Schedule

This week, Princess Sonya only streamed on Monday due to working on the CloudAvatar engine all week. We are so sorry! This week, we will try streaming for 5 days straight, without any cancellations, and as always with some of the same variety such as playing Sonya's favorite new game "Long Live the Queen" and this week's "random Wednesday" stream will be the postponed stream of Sonya cooking in her kitchen.

You can look at the full schedule here:

Sonya's Development Update

Here is Sonya's official development update for this week:

Hey again everyone, this week I only streamed on Monday. Yeah, I've been busy. The good news as, as I am building the new dress-up game, I fixed a ton of bugs and issues, and now CloudAvatar is really polished. We are confident it will be a great tool to make dress-up games, now:

Not that it wasn't before, we just made it even better.

That's all I have for this week, nothing too exciting.



Featured Resources of the Week

This week, we have four featured resources, and they are all free:

  • Aya by @konett: This popular character is widely used in beginner's visual novels, and makes the perfect main character or a best friend type character, who is secretly in love with the male main character!
  • Golden Flower Book by @konett: This pretty book is great for a prop in a grand library, or a magic wizard's hidden study room!
  • Modern Dorm Room by @konett: A cozy background for a story about girls in a college dormitory!
  • Fairytale Textbox by @Sonya: This textbox was used by the creator of CloudNovel, Sonya herself, in one of her first visual novels Skights! She has released this as free to use for non-commercial purposes!

End of newsletter

That concludes our last newsletter of January 2023. Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading our update for this week.