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Another week has passed which means another news update to let everyone know what is happening on CloudNovel® so far! Nothing too much exciting, we are having a special day art challenge in Discord this week, so make sure to visit CN Discord to take look! 

Featured Art from Discord

Our talented community of artists are at it again with lots of new art in our #art channel on the 
official CloudNovel® Discord. These are just a few of the new art pieces created this week by our discord community.

A shoutout to our talented discord users whose art we featured:

ʚɞ ᴘɪxɪᴇ₊˚๑#0666


Sonya's Twitch Schedule

Last week, Princess Sonya canceled her Monday and Friday stream due to exhaustion at her day job. We are so sorry! This week, will be streaming (hopefully) for 5 days straight with some new variety such as playing Sonya's favorite new game "Long Live the Queen" and this week's "random Wednesday" stream will be Sonya cooking in her kitchen.

You can look at the full schedule here:

Sonya's Development Update

Here is Sonya's official development update for this week:

Hey everyone, sorry I cancelled last week's 2 streams, I got really tired. The good news is, I spent a LOT of time last week fixing bugs in the forum and public resources' library for mobile devices. Everything should look great now on mobile.

We also added 2 new forums, bringing out total forums on CloudNovel to 30. They are:

Art Challenges
Writing Challenges

Thay will be handling these two new forums going forward. Please ask her on what she plans to do with the forum community.

Other than that, I plan to finish the 2 new features I talked about last week, to CloudAvatar engine this Sunday (yes I delayed the deadline from last Sunday to this Sunday, sigh, I keep procrastinating.



Featured Resources of the Week

This week, we have four featured resources, and they are all free:

  • Female Student #2 by @Elzee: This character is part of a set of free character sprites by the popular artist Elzee that she originally created for her own visual novel project, but has since been discontinued. So, she has released her high school student characters free for everyone to use. This female is the second female character set, and the most popular, and many users have used this sprite in their otome games!
  • Fantasty Forest BG by @konett: A fantasy forest BG perfect for making a game about a magical enchanted forest!
  • Black Raspberry Ice Cream by @Kitsuneco: A cute jar of purple ice cream, perfect for a nice treat in Spring or Summer!
  • Golden Swan Textbox by @iluminu: This textbox is one of our most beautiful GUIs created from our veteran artist iluminu. She has made a set of all different kinds of textboxes that are free to use in your visual novel!

End of newsletter

That concludes our second newsletter of January 2023. Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading our update for this week.