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Hey, so this is my very first post on this forum and because of that, I feel like it's necessary to talk about one of my favorite things- video games!

Video games are very diverse and unique, making them very fun to explore or to discuss.
I'd like to hear about some of your favorite video games and why you love them.  

For me, my favorite game at the moment is Persona 5.  This is because of its unique style and storyline.  Plus, I've played through it about 3 times and every time I play it I always find something new/interesting.  The characters are appealing and relatable.  Everything seems, almost perfect.  That's why it's my favorite game, at least for now.  

Anyways, I'd like to hear your thoughts.  I'm sure they will be interesting!  ^_^
GriwienReed GriwienReed
I totally agree! Persona 5 is very relatable. My personal favorite is Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet. I'm always playing it whenever I can. In fact, I'm actually writing a story about me being in a game! Would you like to be in it?
Ooh, I was thinking about playing Sword Art Online:Phantom Bullet, but I never really got around to it. 
And that sounds interesting, being in a video game is like a dream come true.  I'd love to be in your game!  Though, I can't promise I'd be the best character.  I'm kind of bland and normal.
For me, my favorite game has to be Rune Factory 4, not only for its colorful cast of characters but for implementing a well balance necessity for all aspects of the game. 

I'm also into some mobile games atm like, Grand Summoner, Destiny Child and Dream Girlfriend~
Rune Factory 4 is an excellent choice!  I loved playing that game so much.  The story was great and the game was so calming to play.  Clorica, Bado and Ventuswill are some of my favorites.
GriwienReed GriwienReed
(@Soralchidori) I was talking about a book, but okay. XD And I highly doubt it. I may not know you as a person/player, but I'll personally guarantee you that you will be one of the very best characters in the game. ^w^ Unrelated question: What's Rune Factory 4? Also, If you guys are into RPG, I'd check out the new TES (The Elder Scrolls) game: Elswyr. It's really good! Not as good as TES V: Skyrim, admittedly, but still really good! (@AiTsumi) Dream girlfriend... Heh... I guess I don't really blame you. lol Though, I kinda figured you'd play that. Admittedly, I play it, too. Single forever... TTwTT Honestly, I'm kinda lonely, but I manage to get by without anyone by my side. Kinda... 
Griwien, I love love love DG, honestly, I think I have an addiction. But it's not only for the undying love they show, but the people in my group, the way I can customize and shape my gfs into things id like to see on or in myself and the feeling of just being so far and experienced. 

Also Sora, I'm so so SO glad someone else knows RF4. It's not thre most popular game, but I love how they add the element of monsters and battling to liven up a farming game. But my favorite is Dylas, because he's just such my type.
Video games are my lifeblood brother, so here we go~

Some of my top favorite games ever are Chrono Trigger, Shadow of the Colossus, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Walking Dead: The Game, and Legend of Dragoon. There are many others ofc, but these are the ones that immediately come to mind mainly for their unique game play mechanics and story elements.
@Griwien  Rune Factory 4 is a game very similar to Harvest moon(if you're familiar with it).  In Rune Factory 4, you can farm, grow crops, explore dungeons, and meet/start relationships with the people in your village.  It's pretty casual, but nonetheless fun and engaging.  There are plenty of quests to complete, stories to uncover, and characters to meet.  I highly recommend playing it since it's one of my favorite games.

I'll send you a few links to it if you're interested.

Here you can see some of the characters/art style:
Here is a little bit more information about the game:

Rune Factory is an ongoing series with 4 games up to date and a new one to be released soon on the Nintendo Switch.  Each of the games have their own unique features and different set of characters, making it worth your time to try out each of them.  If you're interested in playing one of them, I recommend starting with Rune Factory 2 or 4.  They have the best cast of characters (in my opinion) and I had the most enjoyable time playing them. 
For Rune Factory, you can start on any game and still have a pretty good hang of things.  And, if you decide to try the game out and get stuck, you can always ask the community.  Rune Factory's community is overall very nice and helpful.

Ehehe, I think I wrote too much, but I hope that answered your question!

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, it's not often that I'm on Cloudnovel. 
GriwienReed GriwienReed
@SoraIchidori Understandable. It's okay. We all are busy these days, eh? I'll check it out when I have time. Thanks for the reply! ^w^)
GriwienReed GriwienReed
I checked out the games. They're so rad! The graphics, the style.. All of it!
I like Hatsune Miku project Mirai dx, the charecter style is so cute and I love the songs!
My favorites are Sims 4, (I rebound to Sims 2 as well), the mobile game Identity V and Kairosoft mobile games. These days I don't play much. 
Oh yeah! Everyone likes games. All of us have our preferences. I will agree that every game is unique. Ok, my favorite video game is FIFA 21. I have played it since the 2015 version. I have played six years in this game, and it still is not dull for me. Every day is like the first time in it, exciting. Also, I have seen a post where workers were playing online games and ignoring the zoom meeting. I'm wondering what games were they playing? A lot of people say that candy crash and games like that.
Petalbook Petalbook
I really love Persona 5 and Hollow Knight! Currently working on a fanart of the titular Hollow Knight. (Who is not the main character)
Hollow Knight has an astonishing amount of LBGTQIA characters for a Metroidvania. There's nonbinary characters, there's queer characters and many leaders in the game are women. (Queen Vespa, who leads the hive of bees; the Mantis Lords, who are sisters.)