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Dear CloudNovelists,

It is I, your one and only favorite tech princess, Sonya! Phoowie it's been more than a year since our last newsletter, and this will be our only 2022 newsletter of the entire year! Wow time flies. 

So as you all know, @ThayBrownie is officially back, and she will be taking @DAX's place as the head moderator of CloudNovel®. She will also be taking over the weekly newsletters, because as you remember @fluffness was the first moderator writing all the newsletters, but she (and monoyagi) are literally retired, so moving forward, ThayBrownie will be in charge of the newsletters from now on. 

So you're probably wondering, wait a minute what is in a weekly newsletter? Well, we got some exciting things to talk about of course, and they will include all (and possibly more) of the following topics:

  • Sonya's updates on the code/software development
  • Featured resource(character, background, etc) of the week
  • Featured art challenges images from our Discord

For now, for those who are curious, I have some small updates concerning future kickstarters and game jams on the site. I will not be having my next crowdfunding campaign very soon, and my preferred choice is Kickstarter, as I'm unfamiliar with Indiegogo. No it won't be the fan disk or "sequel" to Cafe Rouge, because I really want to take a break from that story. I can't tell you what I'm doing next, but when I'm ready to announce it, I'll be sure to let everyone know my next game.

We plan to judge the 2022 Valentine's Game Jam sometime in 2023, sometime when Dax comes back from her break. For now, the official judging is postponed. That doesn't mean we won't be having another game jam or contest soon, in fact, with Lunar New Year coming next month, we MIGHT just have another Lunar zodiac game jam..... so who knows, maybe you should keep an eye out.... 👀

Anyhoo that's it for our last and only newsletter of 2022. I really can't believe we only had this one newsletter this year, but hey, the staff was busy! 

Happy new year everybody! @ThayBrownie will be the one posting newsletters from now on, so keep a lookout!