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Hey, it is I, Princess Sonya, here with another week of updates!

So we added something new to game project libraries where you can preview the image, audio, or video file before you upload it. Yup, so you can actually preview your files now before uploading. Text previewing is also dynamic too, where the preview of the text will update as you type!

Besides that, we will be having a Halloween game jam this year... I can't announce any details yet, but we will have a horror/scary-themed game jam around October. That's all we can reveal to you guys for now. ;)

Also, for those of you who supported the Magical Girl Creator Kickstarter, it looks like we are going to release the full game on October 15th. Yup, that is the official release date for CloudNovel's first ever commercial dress-up game that will be sold on Steam. It will be the first ever game made with the CloudAvatar dress-up game engine ever published on the Steam marketplace. Woot!

That's all for this week, thanks for reading!

Ciao, have a great start to the fall season everybody~