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Hello, it is I, Princess Sonya, here with another week of updates!

Due to an incident involving a troll user, who was actually a woman in her 30s sexually harassing underage minors on CloudNovel, we've created new features for "banned" users.

From now on, all banned users will have nicely greyed out and crossed out usernames on CloudNovel's platform:

Thanks to this user, we've also created a new rules thread pertaining to social etiquette on CloudNovel. This is not only for the forums, but includes private messaging and comments on games. 

Anyhoo, other than that, the Beach Jam has officially started, so make sure to check that out. It's going to end on the last day of August, so this game jam is 90 days long and will last the entire summer.

Ciao, have a good summer you guys~