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Hello again, it is I, Princess Sonya, here with another week of updates!

This is our first week of 2021, and given everything that's happened this week, we didn't do anything new or exciting due to the situation happening in Washington DC. It's a crazy week here in the states. 

We fixed some minor bugs for the CloudAvatar dress up game engine, everything is slowly being worked on. 

Soon we will release our development and features/suggestions public board of CloudRPG progress on Trello. It will be a public bulletin board of all the progress as we develop the CloudRPG game engine. As of right now, it is not ready yet for public viewing. We want to make sure it will be ready for release, and get your guys' feedback on our most ambitious game engine. 

Other than that, we changed some designs for dress up games, and got rid of some minor bugs on user profiles. 

That's it for this first week of 2021, thanks for reading!