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Hey, it is I, Princess Sonya, here with another week of updates!

So what's new this month? Nothing much, other than our 6th annual summer game jam has officially started this month, and we fixed a few bugs. No new features, just bug fixing. We are working on CloudRPG still, but nothing to show you guys that is ready, for the meantime.

Week 1

Sorry guys I've been busy with my personal life. There weren't any bug fixes this week either. Not productive week.

Week 2

We fixed a small bug with the global animations unable to save if your scene does not contain any assets. Now, if you do not have any assets in your scene, your global animations will still save.

Week 3

We fixed bugs that were caused by fixing the global animations bug last week. We also changed some minor wording on resource submission forms. Yep, nothing exciting.

Week 4

We gave the beach jam page graphics a makeover. From now on, all game jam pages will look great like eye-candy. Also, some of you guys may know, I've gotten a puppy in March, and she will officially be drawn with the Princess Sonya mascot (along with my cat) so behold:

That's my sweetie little puppy, Rapunzel <3

That's all for this month!

Ciao, have a good end of June you guys~