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Hey everybody, it's your one and only Princess Sonya! <3

This month was a pretty active, we fixed a lot of bugs and added many things to our platform (not the game engines) and we feel like everything is polished now.

Anyway here is what we did:

Week 1

Nothing for this week, we took a break.

Week 2

We did a lot of minor changes and additions this week.

First, if you noticed, the home page loads must faster now. We changed around a few things so that things can load more dynamically and make it faster to load in general. Your user profile pages also load much faster, we've changed a few things just like the home page.

We also finally added a way to report games, there is now a drop down menu where you can contact one of the staff members to report a game or resource.

You can now adjust the x and y axis for your inputs:

Also, did you know you can now share your dress up game creations at the bottom of the dress up game page? That's right, you can now save your image then post it at the bottom of the page! 

Check out Lolita Creator as an example:

Week 3

We did a lot of minor feature adjustments this week, here is the complete list:

1. Like/Dislike public community created images on dress up games:

2. Dress up game dimensions bug fixed!

3. Dress up game filtering pieces:

4. Check how many of your subscribers read your status updates (only viewable to you):

5. Subscribers and Subscribed users on profile pages design changed:

Week 4

Dress Up Game comments:

We've moved around the design of the bottom portion of dress up game play pages, all community creations are moved to the right side where there is a tab for community/publicly shared images, or "my creations" which is where your saved images are kept.

The comment section has replaced what used to be the community images, and it looks identical to the visual novel comment section.

You can also edit and delete your own comments now:

Week 5

We added a small feature to pages, called continues animation:

This will let the animation on the current page keep playing through the preceding pages until the animation ends on its own, the animation won't stop until it is finished, even if you go onto the next pages

That's all for this month!

This Christmas Jam is ending tonight, so make sure to finish your entry soon! Have fun everyone, and happy New Year!