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Hey, it is I, Princess Sonya, here with another week of updates!

What's new this month, well, Sonya has finally gotten back to streaming on Twitch. However, as you all know, we spent the majority of the month of August cleaning up database images. It's still not done, but almost half of all images have been cleaned up! It's a little tedious because we have to check each image one by one manually, but the human eye can catch things robots can't, so we are doing it by (human) hand.

Anyhoo, onto the monthly recap!

Week 1

We spent this week cleaning up the database images. Yup, nothing exciting.

Week 2

User profile bugs were fixed. As well as some changes to dress up games' image saving functionality.

Week 3

Home page loading has been fixed. Yeah, we changed that again.

Week 4

Woohoo, we launched our new documentation portal or home page! Check it out:

That's all for this month!

Also, the Beach Jam is ending tonight! Make sure to finish your entry, because judging will begin sometime in the next week. We are so excited to play everyone's games!!! Sonya will stream everyone's games live on the CloudNovel Twitch channel in 1-2 weeks.

Ciao, and may September bring us lots of exciting things to look forward to~