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Maid Café Simulator

Run your very own maid café!
Hey guys, so after working at Panera Bread for so long (and my first game being Café Rouge), I've decided to do a new side game/project, Maid Café Simulator. Reason is because I've always wanted to go to a real life maid café or butler café..... but they don't have it here, they only have them in Japan. So, I've thought seriously about making my own café and ordering all my employees to wear maid/butler uniforms.... but I don't have time to run a real life café, like Panera Bread. So, since I can't create my own maid café with my own maid café uniforms... why not make a maid café simulator? 

It'll be very cool, you can:
  1. Design your maid or butler uniform(s) for your employees
  2. Run a restaurant just like the game "Diner Dash" (a game I loved as a little girl)
  3. Pretend you have a maid café, virtually

This way, I can live my dream of making a maid café without actually have to build a maid café business, in real life. 
If you're wondering, yes this game is inspired by the Steam or Nintendo switch game, Cult of the Lamb (which I'll get eventually, it's so cute) so yeah....

Again, to see the full behind the scene details of this new game, read the post here (with an exclusive WIP screenshot):