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"In ancient Japanese times, legend tells of fearsome female ninjas, called the kunoichi. It was said that one such kunoichi, who was so famous for her fabled skills, was named Karin the Kingfisher. Beautiful, deadly, and sharp witted, she vanquished many foes that caught the eyes of the highest in all the lands. Kings and noblemen alike were so impressed by her heroic feats, that they all sought for her hand in marriage, from hearing tales of this legendary female warrior. Not accustomed to a life of confinement, she instead vowed to serve these lords whenever they needed her aid. Still, that did not deter them from pursuing her hand, for it only added to her list of remarkable feats.

Thus was how this kunoichi earned her name as the Kingfisher female ninja."

I'm starting a new visual novel series called "Legendary Kunoichi: Karin" a story about a young female ninja called Karin.

For those who don't know about kunoichi, they are the official name for a female ninja in Japan. Ninjas have long been depicted in folktales as assassins, and have been popularized in modern day media.

Anyway how THIS particular game will work, is, it is mostly a kinetic novel but branches out, but is kinetic.... there won't be any complex game play other than choices and text.... so this game is more like a traditional visual novel.

Please look forward to it, and read the full Patreon post here (contains 2 exclusive photos of WIP and concept art):