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( Same rules as five nights at freddy: abandonment (V2) This is just the outer world. Please don't kill me)
(hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....fine, glitchtrap will spare your know for now ;)
( I'm sorry Graham, I just did this cause of something in the main chat.)
(Sorry if I take a while to respond my internet is acting up an I sometimes don't get notifacations)
( Yer fine Lass.)
(I’m just bugging mate)
( I know, I'm just saying. Cause Kit and Azzy have had an, interesting update,)
( Let's just say, Things got a wee bit Inter Shminter. Nothing NSFW.)
(i see...and is...asreil aware?)
( Azzy is Asriel. Azzy is just a nickname)
(no like the person whos account starts with asriel)
( OH, Dreemurr. He hasn't said anything about it. He's seen it, I know he has. So ye'd have ter ask him.)