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ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
Play the Demo Here!

What a Mess this is going to be. A rabbit is loose in the fields, and we got to catch the darn thing. Okay that's just the story that's given to all the kids this time of year. Catch the rabbit, save the crops, get some candy. On the way you collect eggs made of chocolate! YUM. I totally forgot this year. Not that I'm very festive anyhow. I think I'll just text my friends, see what they want to do.

Sequel to WedgeWolf. Though you don't need to play the prequel at all.
PG-13 - Romance/Slice Of Life/Drama - Multiple Endings ;; Demo Released ;; New Release date by July 21st

To Do List
Story - 4,641 / 5,000+ words
MC Sprite - 6/6 - ✔
Ame Sprite - 6/6 ✔
Dar Sprite - 4/6 
Alicia Sprite - 0/6

Home BG's 2/2 ✔
Event BG 1/1
Title Screen ✔
- buttons link 3/3 ✔
Beginning Options ✔
Credit Backing ✔

Choice Boxes

Ame's Route 2/2 ✔
Dar's Route 0/2
Alicia's Route 0/2

Main theme ✔
Nuetral ✔
Event ✔
Romantic ✔


Character Info - 0/4
Intro Animation 
Concept art
Options menu

MC - Neutral voice (alto Female or Tennor Male)
Dar - Masculine
Ame - Soft quiet
Alicia - Feminine

Art, Characters, Story, Development - Me (ShotoNemar)

Music - Peritune


ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
Main Character 

ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
Updated character list! one more main cast member to go then I can get started on sprites
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
Finished character refs, and done some more writing! progress is coming along slowly.
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
finished the title! need to fix up some buttons but it's turning out.
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
fixed buttons and done some sprite work, as well as written some. May review music/VA requests tomorrow
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
finished a lot of sprite work <3 glad to get all those sprites done
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
Thank you for the interest! I'm not sure who but I'm sure if you did some research on Easter you'd find out. My VN is less about actual Easter and more of a Easter based holiday in a fantasy universe. so none of my events are historically accurate. 


I have Finished Ame's Sprites, and am currently working on her route. It may be that her route will be the only available route for the event since I'm running out of time. 3 out of 4 of my VA haven't responded, so I'm not likely to have VA till later. 

I will try to imput music, but the music artist who was interested also hasn't contacted me back so it may be free to use music for a while. Can't stand a silent VN tbh
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
ShotoNemar ShotoNemar
So excited to get back to this! sorry for the lateness but I'm certain to get this finished.