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Redlightningkid Redlightningkid
Hey, story obsessant here.
I was looking at the status points tutorial, so I know you can use choices to alter the flags.
However, if I wanted a "Game Over" screen when health points hit 0, would I use create a screen on the screen page, or a choice that leads to a game over image?
That depends on your situation... If Game Over screen will be used repeatedly with the same design, then maybe it is better to use screen. However, if it will be used once in a while or if each game over screen has different designs for different types of a game over, maybe it is more convenient to use a page.

Please be noted that ALL screens will be loaded in the first loading of your game. If you have many screens, it will slow down the first initial loading of the game. 
Redlightningkid Redlightningkid
Alright, thanks, I'll probably use a screen
jamescollinsss jamescollinsss
hello, I had the same problem, thx for the suggestions :3