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Hey guys, in case you don't know me I'm Silver Swirl and I am a not so perfect writer who you can see on Wattpad by the user Pinkie2005

On Youtube Inanimate Gacha Insanity

On FimFiction MLPandMiraculousFanatic

And my soon to be Insta for my new project dangangacharonpa

The series I'm making on either of these sites I mentioned are either popular or least popular whatever you think about

But all these writings are not that great (For Youtube it's videos)

So I came here expecting to make a fangame of mine inspired by Danganronpa and MLP but since I'm not a great writer not artist or anything in between I need your help with a lot so allow me to mention them all

Voice Acting: I don't know how that'll work but I need a voice actor who can easily mimic character voices

Additional writers: I'm the only writer in this story thus I need some more who can help with more events and stuff

Tweeners/Animators: I need a few people who can tween or animate scenes such as BDA's and Executions

Main Menu fixers: If you didn't know, I've been having trouble with the main menu creator so if any of you can do it easily or fix it that would be gladly appreciated

Sprite edits: Since my fangan will have a new mascot which I won't mention here because of spoilers I need somebody to help me color that mascot into black and white with one scratch of an eye

If anything here suits you make sure to DM me or answer me here and I'll answer

PS. I won't pay you for now as I'm still new and if there's a way to pay co workers on Cloudnovel I don't know so watch out for that

PPS. The voice actors, writers and tweeners/animators may get spoilers for the fangan

If you have any more questions let them know down below and I will answer them for you

Now then have a great day/night