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(Yeah it’s pronounced Reach)

Genre: Slice of life, Drama. There are LGBT characters but romance isn’t the main focus of the game.

Rating: PG-13 for mild foul language

Summary: Shirogane Akemi is a normal 19-year-old who has been into idols ever since she was a kid. Except the normal part isn't particularly right: She's the daughter of WHITE Production's President. One day, Akemi was assigned a mission: Assembling an idol group in less than a year. Will she be able to reach that goal?


  • Unchangeable protagonist’s name
  • CG Gallery
  • Character profile
  • Original GUI
  • Original characters
  • One straight storyline

Possible feature(s):

  • Backstories of a few characters


  • GUI: There might be some fixing in the future
  • Sprites: 13/? (different costumes not included)
  • Background: Most of them are placeholder created in The Sims 4
  • CGs: 2/?
  • Chapters: Prologue + 6/?


Shirogane Akemi (19 y/o at the beginning of the story)
The daughter of WHITE Production’s President. An idol otaku and… She draws?

Shirogane Takashi (60 y/o) & Shirogane Mai (54 y/o)
Akemi’s parents.

Shirogane Satoshi (24 y/o)
Akemi’s adoptive brother. Vice Director of WHITE Production.

Nagasaka Umi (18 y/o)
Akemi’s friend and junior back in high school. Majoring in fashion design.


Akemi's idol group (st☆Rlit)

Center: Yoshiyuki Rintarou (19 y/o)

Lead Dancer: Kadokura Gin (17 y/o)

Visual: Minamikawa Kiyoshi (22 y/o)

Composer: Hoshizora Akira (21 y/o)

Leader: Masanori Arthur (24 y/o)


The 2-person unit being handled by KURO Production with a mysterious manager. 

Tengeji Hikaru (24 y/o)
Leader of polaris, composing most of their songs.

Kurosaki Eichi (22 y/o)
Member of polaris, designing the group’s costumes.

Hanaoka Akechi (24 y/o)
Ex-member of polaris, hosting a variety show hosted in the bar he owns.


The retired legendary 2-person unit consisting of Aikawa You and Kunikida Kazuya. No one knows where they went after retirement.

Aikawa You

Kunikida Kazuya

I guess Akemi’s Group is pronounced Starlit.