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MaiPhanGrimes MaiPhanGrimes
I need to talk with you about the situation, my discord is miekamai#6591 and my full name is Mai Phan, and I am a real  teenager because this discord account is real discord account, and I have photos of a 14 year old Vietnamese Asian girl to prove I am this girl in the photo. I need to talk to the creator of this visual novel in person, if you need any contact info, I can give you my high school photo ID as well as any other information to prove my real age. I have all the identifications you ask for to prove I am really a 14 year old girl in middle school.
QueenGrimes QueenGrimes
Geez, thanks for editing this post of mine, you're just going to destroy CloudNovel at this point. I can't wait to see you get canceled and watch you destroy your entire career. 

Here is what Sonya has done:
  • Adding my ethnicity when I never stated it anywhere
  • Using Phan, a name from my email and claiming it to be my last name
  • Lying about me being 14 and a middle schooler
  • Adding extra four sentence to my og post

When will Cloud Novel be fix? When will the site-wide banning stop? What happen to all the moderators? All of us should consider using TyranoBuilder and Visual Novel Maker and RenPy instead because Sonya has lost her mind, thinking all these accounts are Grimes, which I am not.

foxyCumGrimes foxyCumGrimes
The Cloud Novel will be fixed when? When will the blanket ban end? What has happened to every moderator? Instead, all of us should think about using TyranoBuilder, Visual Novel Maker, and RenPy since Sonya is crazy and believes that all of these accounts belong to Grimes, who I am not.  flagle
kennedyGrimes kennedyGrimes
When will Cloud Novel be repaired? drift boss

I need to meet with the author of this graphic novel, and I can provide my high school ID and any other documentation necessary to verify my age if necessary. I have everything you need to verify that I am a 14-year-old middle school girl. dordle