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In a different world over a lifetime ago, a younger me and some geeky friends made a rough VN about mermaids and magic. The pandemic kicked up my love of storytelling again, and since I was already doing it for fun, I figured I would see if this particular flavor of story was still appealing to folks round here~

Welcome to the proper thread for Aquae ~Crystal Clear Waters~
a fantasy/adventure visual novel.

Completely free to play as was the original though now with a much more vivid and expanded world to explore. Still mostly kinetic though now with the ability to change certain course of events through the player's actions and choices. While romance isn't a main focus, it is now an option.

The original story was broken up into three separate arcs.

Presently, Arc 1 is approximately 18.5k words and average 1.5-2hrs read time.
---> Download for Windows, Linux and Android here!  <---

Presently, Arc 2 is just starting!

The entire script itself is clocking in at 56,761 words and counting.

The winds of fate rush in with the summer breeze.Travelers the land over come to take part in the annual festival and celebrate the lasting time of peace after previous years of war and strife. As paper lanterns begin decorating the coastlines above, there surges a troubling shift of tides through the underwater haven of the nerida below.

Join Kaizarel - the wayward prince of the isles - as he embarks on an exciting night at the summer festival. Where he meets friends both new and old, including a mysterious stranger with rare purple eyes just like his own. In his attempts to discover the connection he and this strange visitor have in common, Kaizarel instead finds himself embroiled in both the politics of land and sea, as well as unearthing family secrets long buried beneath the sands.

Will history be re-written, as waves upon the sand?
Or will bloodshed remain?

Early Character Concepts

Questions for Lurkers:

1) The original story was released in arcs. After the release of ARC I, would you rather have the story continue to be released in chapters or would you rather wait for a complete game?

2) Does interactivity affect your level of enjoyment/engagement in the story? Does romance?


Which character(s) interest you the most? Who would you like to learn more about?
Uwaaah, wow the character designs look gorgeous. 

Good luck with this, I hope to see this come to fruition someday!!!
Sonya said: Uwaaah, wow the character designs look gorgeous. 

Good luck with this, I hope to see this come to fruition someday!!!
Thanks! I really appreciate the praise~

It's been something rattling around in my brain ever since I was a kid. So I've been tweaking and redrawing their designs the whole time along the way. Speaking of~!

I'd done a quick turn around of mermaid!Frain for my own reference. Might as well share it with you all here too ^^

( Oof! I forgot his face scales tho ugh )
It looks great! I really like the character's skin/ear design, reminds me of Luca from Pixar! :o
I hadn't updated this thread in quite a long time. OP is now reflective of the project's progress, including a link to the ARC1 demo hosted on itch. Working on starting ARC2 in earnest.

Looking forward to all your thoughts and feedback, friends.