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We all know that Visual Novels are the easiest type of game to make, especially with CloudNovel. But, we all know that it'll still take some work and...make some stress.

What is your least favourite thing when working on VN's?

Me: The CG's. The game making be so fine then boom I have to make a CG, which takes a lot of work. I don't know how I can still maintain my game, lol.
I am unsure how qualified I am to answer this question but if I have to choose it will be background art. I'm bad at it and definitely not an interior designer as I had prove myself to be horrendously terrible at decorating a room while drawing it.

Therefore, I am 100% gonna save money and hire a proper background artist in the future.
For me it's also the CGs lmao

I'm pretty fast at making backgrounds and sprites, but when it comes to drawing CGs I slow down a lot. I barely got in the three CGs I had to put into nekomimi cafe when the Unforgettable Summer Jam was going on and I panicked so much :0 

Sometimes I don't like how the CG is looking and I have to start the whole thing over again :(
My least favorite thing is getting a great idea and realizing how big is is, and having to pair down the scope so it's something that can actually be done in a reasonable amount of time. 
Probably thinking of dialogue.
Sure, you have your plot, your characters, everything. But what about the dialogue?
It's pretty stressful for me to think of dialogue, so I turn to my friends to help me.
But, everything else is pretty much a piece of cake.
trying to write routes that are necessary but i seriously dont want to make lol
before visual novels i would make random little manga, and i always put the plot in a direction thats completely possible (within the story) but still what I would like to do, and with a vn, thats a bit harder lol
My least favorite thing about creating VN's is the pressure. I always feel like I have to finish it on time. I get super stressed about due dates, so that's why I'm putting my release plan later in the year so I don't have to stress as much. 
The hardest part for me is trying to get all my ideas down on paper. As someone with ADD and mild autism, explaining what I want is difficult for me. Once I get past the rough drafts, everything else is slightly easier.
CG, backgrounds, and breaking up my text. i dont make run-on sentences in my writing (sometimes when just chatting though) but when im doing real writing, the sentences tend to be longgggg
and also i wanna group together multiple sentences in one click-thing, and it just ends up too long, and i make the text size smaller, and its too small, and its just annoying

I hate making sprite sheets for animations, but i think they are better than videos.
For me personally. It would be a cross between making my idea into a fleshed out story (hence why my VN tend to be on the simpler side) and designing the GUI. It takes me a while to settle on an aesthetic and color palette for GUI. And don't get me started on designing all of them. Especially the textbox and setting screens.