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Forum Notice 👋 The roleplay forum is closed, and will resume once the Steve Jobs ( family is done pretending to be 13 year olds talking with real underage children, convincing them to explore their sexuality!

"I've already died once...I won't die again."

Adam is transported to a fantasy world ripe with mystery and magic. Now he must spend his summer break trying to adapt to his new lifestyle while making friends with the residents of the village. However, something sinister seems to be lurking in the shadows, something that threatens the peace of the entire island.

Xanadir chronicles is my entry for the unforgettable Summer Jam. It is a mostly linear game with an emphasis on friendship, fighting, exploration and mystery solving. Though the game isn't heavily focused on romance there are three romantic leads that the reader can spend time with and dependent on the relationships with these characters you get access to special scenes (Not that kind of special😂😂).

Here is some art of one of the main heroines, Princess Zatea being shady in a cave. 

This story will be the first volume of the series I've been planning for ages and I'm hoping this first installment will be exciting and intriguing enough to set the stage for the stories to come. 

Anyways, that's all for now. I'll start posting my progress and art in this thread for anyone who wants to follow the creation of this project and if you want to see more of my art that's unrelated to this story here is my instagram link:

Some character and background art made for my story. I can't post the full background so this will have to do. Still not done with the character yet but I decided to post her anyway. 
The first episode of Xanadir Chronicles is almost complete! I will be releasing it next Monday from all to see. Here is some art! 

Oh and one more thing. I wanted to ask if there is anyone out there willing to beta test the game before the full thing is published. I'll be releasing the game episodically but I'd just need someone to help me by reading through it and making sure it all make's sense. Thank you!
If you're looking for beta testers, I would gladly be one!
squidcolas said: If you're looking for beta testers, I would gladly be one!
@squidcolas That would be so great. Would you like to see what's been created so far? Some assets still aren't in place but I should be 80% completed tomorrow.
@JayRosing99 Sure! Sounds good. I'm excited to read it :)
Hello Everybody,

So I decided to change this thread into a sort of blog for all the stories I'm working on where I can share art and progress reports of all my work. So far I'm working on 3 stories at the moment. The first one being Xanadir Chronicles (That has already been published). The second being a story for the Halloween Jam and the third being something else entirely. Just a project I've always wanted to work on.

I'll probably dedicate a post to each game sometime in the future but for now some art!

The first is a redesign if Azolla from Xanadir Chronicles (Not in the game yet).

The second if from a story I'm writing on the side.

And the third is from a story I might enter into the Halloween Jam.

All of the stories will be released episodically. Hope you like the art! 


Till Death Do Us Part: Volume 1

Hiranya Rosa moves to the beautiful island of Desmora Elfina ready to start her life over with her lover. 

The only problem is that her lover doesn't seem to know she exists.

At least for now.

The game follows the main character as she tries to gain the affections of her crush. However she isn't the only one with eyes for Lover. And she isn't the only one willing to do anything for one kiss.

There's not much I want to say about the game cos I don't want to spoil too much but here's some art!