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I don't care.
Goes out side to a shooting range I made and picks up pistol * shoots target *
Dang it I missed
 and of course he has a gun, why wouldn't he have a gun.
*looks around* looks like everyone else is deactivated, and the Nightguards not here*looks around* finally some peace and quit*heads to off to the office and up to a bookshelf* don't mind if I do *levitates a book out and starts reading.*
*then wonders off and isn’t found till later*
Gun shot sounds of me shooting the targets *
Shot 1: fail, shot 2: success

Name: Yen Lin
Age: 22
Species: Human, Mechanic/Routine checkup person
Affiliation: Nightguards
Abilities: Intelligence, common sense, good with tech stuff
Hi! Is anyone here?
Hi! I'm withered doggy
Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Yen Lin, the routine checkup mechanic!
* Randomly teleports to you *
Ah! You scared me! *clutches chest in shock*
Sorry bout that