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Teleports to the parts and sirvce room *

WHERE'S THE  NIGHT GUARD *6 a.m. bell rings *

* leaves note on nightguards desk *
  1. Come in to work
  2. Please come into work on time

* plays mine craft VR *
Turns off VR *


* night like uhhhh 10⁰00 *
Hmmmmmmm the night guards still not here yet

Name: Phantom lefty
Allies: (nickname/also known as) lefty
Voice: male with faint female echo
Age: unknown 
Gender:intersex (neither male or female, uses they/them/he/theres pronouns)
Species: animatronic/phantom 
Affiliation: Nightguards (as far as you and me know,as he lefty would say”things change as the game progresses“Meaning if things change he will change with them)
Abilities: hovers over ground(not fly), can go through most walls and objects, most(not all) objects can go through them, can cause hallucinations, can disappear and reappear, will protect his “family”, can levitate most objects
Design: a old rustic version of lefty right eye is torn away to reveal puppets mask, jaw is off center, left upper arm plate is missing to reveal part endo part puppet, right fore-arm is missing to reveal the same, left hand middle finger and ring finger are gonna ad in place is the puppets fingers left shin is gone and reveals endo and puppets leg, right foot is endo foot, chest star is farther down and twisted, gray patch is twisted and the hat is floating.

could I join if its OK just be aware this is my first role play (on the internet that is I have played things like this in person with friends before)

* plays fnaf VR on VR *
* gets jump scared In game * AAAAAAAAAAAA
* runs around the pizzaria screaming *
Runs into wall * owch