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That's awesome, bud! Congratulations! Tell you what. In celebration for your union, drinks are on me!
I drink only Pepsi
Ah. Alright. *Moves at a god-like speed then comes back with a two liter bottle of Pepsi and a bottle of my father's special Silvervine Sake, then pour them into red solo cups* Mozeltov! *Drinks*
To the nights!
*puts Pepsi can in his mouth*swallows the can*
Welp I best be going. Bye Nightguard! *teleports* 'on camera' WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!
*Animatronic scream*"Toreador March" Freddy Fazbear's theme starts playing*
*a shadow lurks through the halls of the pizeria*
Name: Ignited Scraptrap
Species: Animatronic
Design: Basically Scraptrap but right forearm cover is gone and entire left leg cover is gone and missing left eye
Ability: Always comes back, Can't die, can cause purple flames

Affiliation: Undead Child Murderer

Mind if I join?
Name: withered doggy
Age: unknown information
Species: animatronic
Design: brown dog with a VR and controller's
 Abilitys: teleport, can teleport other people, can't die or break
Affiaion: nightguard protector 

Goes to office* anyone in there?

Hm  maybe not
Plays on VR Roblox  *

* powers off *

Hmmmm where's the night guard?
* waits in office  and plays Roblox VR *
When is the night guard going to be here -_-