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*tire screeching noise* I'm back.
*FNaF Golden Freddy laugh* WHAT THE F@#$ WAS THAT?!?!?!
OH MY- *powers down
*Hunter (Powered off)* Hey, Nightguard? Could you turn my power back on?
On it. Hey Foxy. *Smiles and waves before I reactivate Hunter * *Foxy waves back* 
*opens portal to KFC, grabs chicken and gives it to the Nightguard* Here you go, Nightguard! *smooches Foxy*
Thanks. *Smiles*
Gonna go download a new game called FNaF now, bye! *runs off*
*Hunter (Via camera)* Hey Nightgaurd? Could you please come here?
On my way. *Goes there* What's up?
(Whispers) I'm wanting to propose to Foxy, but don't have a f@#$ing ring! What do I have to do?
Don't worry. I got your back. *reaches behind your ear and pulls out the wedding ring* *Winks and smiles* Magic. Anyway, here's the ring you'll need. Go get 'em, tiger. And congratulations.

*snaps his fingers and desintigrates* Boom
*one hour later* Nightgaurd, She said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!