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im phantom lefty, lefty for short
Im Spring Foxy well now Im Rockstar Spring Foxy call me Foxy for short
Kyle: guys I'm a little scared- * fredbear walks in * uh oh
Fredbear is that you?
* hides under desk *
well thats gonna get confusing since we already have a foxy
Fredbear: yeah?
Fredbear dont you recognize me
Fredbear: a little
because said:
Funtimefreddy10 said:
because said:
Funtimefreddy10 said: Fredbear: yeah?
@Funtimefreddy10 souldnt we have someone else be fredbear, like invite someone new
@because yeah but who?
@Funtimefreddy10 i dont know fnafgamer do you know someone
@FnafGamerPlayz let me see sorry no i dont
I can't find anyone
Ok what is the game and what is your guys usernames
Mine username is Jessica_Claw1000 i could not change my username
Kyle: huming a fnaf song *
Kyle: hhhhhhhhhh well time to do my work... * Looks over the cameras *