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Mysterious Voice: "Hello. I'm not sure why you've come here. But there is a problem. A BIG problem. There is a murderer on the loose and we need all the help we can get to help stop him. Please state your name, age, whether or not you're an animatronic or human (You can be either on the side of the Murderer or the Nightguards.), and your abilities. And remember: Never give up. Never back down. Be the Guard."
Example Profile: 
Name: Zen Kitsune
Age: 18
Species: Human/ Nightguard
Affiliation: Nightguards
Abilities: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck 
Mind if I join
If I am able to I guess my character would be a girl named Mia Lane age 18 human affiliation acquaintance with nightguards and having luck knowledge on tech a high pain tolerance and a love for murder mystery books
I want to join and be a Nightmare named Nightmare Ennard, Ennard 2.0, or Hunter, Demonic Mechanical Menace / DMM.
Name: Hunter, Nightmare Ennard, Ennard 2.0 (what ever you like).
Species: Nightmare Animatronic
Abilities : Tazer claw, Death touch (people touch him and they implode), Crush 'n' crunch claw, and Head rip (he rips people's heads off by unhinging his jaw and bites their head off)
Age: 162 years old
Affiliation: Nightgaurd Protector
where how to start plot? I don't do many rp
The 12 A.M. Bell rings* Right... Onto the job. *Checks he monitor* So far so good...
Hey Nightgaurd *Hunter enters the room *, how are yeh?
If yeh are wundrin' I'm fine
*Hunter's neck fizzles*
Powering dow- *flatulence*
*runs to Pirate's Cove to see Foxy, his girlfriend*
Chuckles* Same as always. Foxy attracts the best of us.