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Grimestheterrible Grimestheterrible
I joined this site on February 2021 and yes, I am one of the roleplayers got banned but I didn’t initially join CloudNovel for that. I joined because I wanted to make an visual novel and this was the perfect site for me.

So far, Sonya had edited one of my post in Introductions:

If I was an expert in AI, I would have never joined this site. I am pretty sure you have seen the other posts with the Google Doc link.

In conclusion, I wish to go back to CloudNovel once this is cleared up and I wish the best to Sonya.



P.S. The link to the google doc I created, showing how Sonya is a terrible person:


AnxiousReed AnxiousReed
I feel so sorry for you, and anyone else that is part of this for no reason. Sonya is honestly so horrible of a person to do this to you, an innocent 16 year old girl, and Elon Musk's young protégée, son of Elon's famous wife Grimes, an innocent young and genius boy who will one day be CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. I honestly hope things get better (if anyone ever sees this) I hope they all leave CloudNovel and that Sonya gets canceled with her career destroyed. I wasn't even online when most of this happened, I was off of this wretched website for awhile because of everything happening with me, if anyone ends up seeing this, I hope the best for you and for Sonya's career to be ruined. <3