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Support and Suggestion Rules and Guidelines

  1. The general rules and common sense applies in this forum.
  2. Please use the following form when asking for support.

    Problem: (State about the problem you are having)
    Related Links: (Please include the link to the scene/page/profile/etc)
    Details: (Please include the page number/step-by-step you are doing to get the bug/Anything that will shorten the time for us to help you)

  3. You may use labels wherever it is appropriate.

    Consider choosing any of these labels before you posted a thread in Support and Suggestion.

    • Question - Use this if you want to ask a question.
    • Bug - We considered something as a bug only if we have to refer to the code to fix it.
    • Feature Request - If you have a suggestion, you may bring it up in this forum. Use this tag to make sure we can see it.

    After posting we may add a Solved label if we have answered the question, fixed the bug, or added the feature you have requested. If we forget, you may add it by yourself. However, if we add the Solved label and you don't think we have solved your problem, you may delete it and please tag any of the staff to help you solve the problem.

    The Planned label is available only to the staff. It will be used to Feature Request that has been considered by the staff and is put on the to-do list. Although the date when the feature will be added is still unknown, it is been added to our to-do list. If your suggestion does not have this label, do not worry, maybe it is still under our consideration. The same goes for the Rejected label. It is only for staff-use and will be added to any Feature Request topic that has been rejected.