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  1. The general rules and common sense is applicable in this forum.
  2. This subforum is to be used for discussion that is related to visual novels, dress up games, and CloudNovel engines only. Any off-topics thread will be deleted.
  3. In this subforum, you can discuss any visual novels created by any engines and company, including but not limited to CloudNovel and Ren'Py, Otomate, Rejet and more.
  4. You may discuss multiple games within a thread but please ensure it stays within the topic.
  5. Please ensure you focused on the topic when creating a thread. You may include images or video but please arrange it so it will not cluttered the page. 
  6. Use labels appropriately.

    • Tips & Advice  - Use this for any topics related to tutorials, tips, and advice in game development or playing game.
    • CC Resource - Use this if you are starting a thread regarding creative commons resource.
    • Discussion - Use this if you are discussing any topics related to visual novels, dress up games and CloudNovel engines.
    • Review | Critique - Use this if you are posting a review of a game or resources.
    • Walkthrough | Guide - Use this if you are posting a tutorial or guide on how to play a game.