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Points are the currency used in this site. It is used to create premium projects, buy resources from Resources Gallery and many more.

Below are ways to get CloudNovel points for free and paid.

  1. Buy points from the site store.
    The price starts at $5.

  2. Join the paid subscription.
    You will get a set amount of points every month. There are options to pay monthly, annually or a lifetime. The price for paid subscription starts at $10 per month. 

  3. Join CloudNovel official contest.
    Check Browse > Ongoing Game Jams for the contest. Every participant with a valid entry will be rewarded with points depending on the quality of their submission.

    Users can create their own contest and reward the participants with points as well but please be noted, in this case, CloudNovel staffs have no involvement in how they distribute points nor how will they carried their contest.

  4. Participate in community activities.
    Sometimes, we will be needing your help in answering a survey, voting poll and etc. Usually, during the time, we will give free redeemable coupon code to those who participated in our activities. Those coupons have an expiration date so make sure you redeem the points as soon as you get the coupon code.

  5. Sell in-game products or resources.
    If you create a visual novel, it is possible to charge a player a number of points when they click a button or make a choice. 

  6. Sell original resources.
    If you owned an asset and you wish to earn from it, you can upload it to Resource Gallery and enter the amount of points to unlock it.