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The Rules of Discuss Your Visual Novel

  1. The general rules and common sense is applicable in this forum.
  2. You ARE ALLOWED to post a thread of your visual novel made by ANY engines including CloudNovel, Ren'Py and etc.
  3. Only creators (or a member of the team) is allowed to start a thread about the visual novel in Discuss Your Visual Novel. Any discussion about visual novel(s) that is not by the creators should go to the General forum.
  4. Discuss only a specific visual novel that you have created. Only one thread for a visual novel. Multiple posting will be deleted.
  5. Do not create a thread and not talking about the visual novel. You may include the work you have done, share arts, or anything.
  6. Use labels appropriately.

    You are allowed to add as many labels as you wanted but it will look ugly so I recommend you to use only when it is related.

    Labels that are listed below can only be used ONE AT A TIME

    • In Progress - The project has NOT been published and you are still working on it.
    • Demo - Demo has been published.
    • Ongoing - The project has been published and you will be updating new content within the next 3 months.
    • Hiatus - You are unable to update the project within 3 months. It is not dropped but you are unable to update it soon.
    • Discontinued - The project will no longer be worked on. 
    • Completed - The project is completed.

    If you are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign for your project very soon, you may add Kickstarter or Indiegogo labels to your thread. Only use these labels when you have mentioned the campaign in the thread. If you are just *planning* to create a campaign, do not use the label.

    If you are creating a fanwork of existing work, please use the Fanworks label.

    If you are participating in any of CloudNovel's official jam, feel free to add the appropriate label to your thread. Please note that these labels will only be available during the jam.

    ADVICE: Please don't be afraid to use Hiatus or Discontinued label. It is better to clarify the state of your visual novel and be honest rather than keep your readers in the dark and pretends that everything is okay.

  7. You need to have solid content and proof that the project is not just an idea. such as having images or adding progress status or anything that indicates you have started the project and make the project goes beyond just an idea in your head. If you are just starting and the project is still in the state of ideation, please create a thread in the General forum instead. If you are recruiting, go to Free Collaboration or Paid Work instead, depending on if the position is paid or not.

If you are unable to adhere to the above rules, your post may be deleted without notice by the staff.