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Thank you for your wait! The jam result is now ready to be announced. 

Without further due, let's get to it.

※Asset Resources Entries Reviews※

                      This soundtrack reminds us of the beach, on a sunny, calm day in Miami. This is the perfect summer soundtrack for those making a scene or story about going to the beach and relaxing. It is also very cheerful that it made me think of Spongebob and the Disney movie we watched as a teen. We actually like to keep it on looping repeat to listen as we do our work. Overall it is very original and the perfect song for a game at the beach!

We enjoy your composition, Makochan, thus we will award it with 2,500 points.


                      This beach ball is gorgeous, and so realistically drawn. We love the little details as well as the shiny effect on this beach ball with part of it being see-through, it looks absolutely beautiful. The way the artist drew the reflections of the light makes it so realistic and at the same time, still fitting for a 2d story game. You can tell the artist put a lot of effort into creating this object’s artwork, and they put lots of love into this piece.

This entry will receive 700 points. Not only that, it also manages to capture Sonya's attention and will also be receiving the special prize of Elsa Nendroid! Congratulations, ScarletCobra.


(Character) Summer Girl by @Xhrystal

                      I love this girl, she is adorable. The clothes and the simple look give her a nice touch, and she would make a great main character to a summer otome game or dating sim for young teens. The yellow shirt makes her even more endearing, and she reminds me of a ball of sunshine. She looks ready to eat a banana split ice cream sundae and would be perfect to use in a kinetic visual novel about a summer beach story. Unfortunately, there is only one thing that needs to be improved. This cute girl only has two expressions. That is not enough >,<!!!

Thank you for letting us meet Summer Girl, Xhrystal. This entry will receive 2,500 points.


                      For some reason, this character reminds me of male Kpop idols, because of his pink hair. He looks like he is ready to jump in the pool or play volleyball on the beach. Squidcolas has a unique drawing style that is absolutely gorgeous that gives out a mixture of anime and American feel. 

As a thank you for uploading this stunning character art, we will give this character asset 5,000 points.


                      What is it about blonde boys on the beach that just get to you? He looks so much like Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. This Hawaiian character design looks like he’s ready to drink some summer martinis on a sunny day at the beach. I love his design, and the cutesy anime feel to it.

We will give this entry 5,000 points.


※ Dress Up Entries Reviews ※

                     This is the second dress up game by one of our most active users on CloudNovel, SpringMetal4316! In this dress up game, you can customize and create your own knight character with art designed by SpringMetal himself! Although it is not as polished as Spring Metal’s previous dress up games, this dress up game shows some improvement in drawing skill and character design. There is no line art, so it doesn’t look as polished, however, the coloring is very vibrant and gives you a sense of pastel summer warmth. Overall, this is a pretty decent dress up game, as there is a lot of variety for you to mix and match create your very own Aqua boy knight/hero character!

We still appreciate your effort to join the contest, therefore we decide that we will award this effort with 3,500 points.


                      This is a very modern cartoon style looking dress up game that reminds me of Miis in the Wii nintendo world. I love the bold and sharp vector-like style of the drawings of all the pieces, as well as the variety of skin tones and clothing accessories. It’s great to see something that uses another style other than anime, and the way the entire game is designed gives it a compact feel. Overall, it’s a good game with lots of variety for creating and designing a summer island character, and it is great to give it a try if you are looking to design a cute island character!

Congratulations, WarriorOutcast. We will give you 5,000 points for this work.


※ Visual Novel Entries Reviews ※

                     As the title said, this game is a prologue of another game, Her Letters. However, despite being a prologue, it somehow expects you to play the main game to actually understand the story. Furthermore, this game is very short. It only has less than 1.2k words therefore it is definitely not satisfying. 

The story revolves around the mysterious murder cases around the main character, April's campus. After receiving the news of her roommate, Clara was attacked on the way home and did not survive, April fell into a depression and shut herself in her room, which later sparked a friendship with Dana who offered her room when April was looking for a safe place to stay.This game had some cussing with the solid F-Word. However, it did not really disrupt the experience as it was properly placed and sentenced in a way that we felt like it was a natural way of speaking.

As for the story, because it was so short, it left much to be desired, but considering this was a prologue, it was understandable. However, that did not mean that it cannot be improved. We still feel that AngelsDisaster can lengthen this prologue and properly build up tension for the next game. Because of how short this game was, everything was fast-paced and was definitely not enough to build the tension.

The Main Menu of this game is rather interesting. It was a book, and the play game button was hidden at the bottom right of the page as the inkpot. It was clever, and we enjoyed it. Sonya especially likes the quote “life sucks and then you die” as it was actually the forewarning of what to expect in the game. 

As for the art, this game used mostly free resources, but here's the interesting part, there was not a single character sprite. In this game, you truly played as April and through her perspective, and she mostly communicated using online messages through her laptop. Never once in the game, you actually met another character in person. That was a very smart move and made the game a little bit more interesting.

Thank you for letting us play this game, AngelsDisaster, we will give this 7,500 points. Also, Congratulations on being Sonya's favorite entry. You will receive a special Ultimate Madoka figurine in your mail soon!


                      The premise of this game is very simple. You played as Broccolina as she tried to cheer up her girl, Tangerine who was depressed and worried about the kids in the labs. To make sure this plan successful, Broccolina had to gather items and people that will make the summer day, the best summer ever for Tangerine.

To be honest, the underlying fact that they were all captured and trapped in a lab where they served the purposes of labrat made this seemingly happy action of Broccolina and her friends was sad and creepy at the same time. We loved that Broccolina still found a way to make her happy with the power of imagination as she tried to battle to keep a piece of her sanity intact.

This game has a cartoonish style that reminds us of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, a cartoon show from Warner Bros. The style is very polished and looks very professional. We enjoyed every bit of voice acting and especially love the voice of Brocollina and the Nurse. The animation and UI are gorgeous and quirky.

We adored the fun time of map exploration mini-game. Every single dialogue of Broccolina and interaction of her colorful friends really tickled our hearts but we hoped that there was a mention at the beginning of the game that this game had some cussing in it so if you are planning to play this, be warned.

Anyway, we enjoy having to know Brocollina and her friends and we agree to give 9,500 points to RumpPlug


                      The little animation of the Main Menu was really cool! It really set the mood for what we were about to experience.

In Tainted Memory, we played as Neela and we followed her story, joining a summer camp with her delicate sister, Celine. In the camp, they met several other teenagers around their age namely, Kyle, Senna, Alan, Damien and the camp instructor, Troy. The camp did not allow phones, so they had to enjoy the camp with the gadgets they used to have. While hiking, Neela found a tree with weird symbols on it. Unknown to her, their campsite coincided with the site of a very dangerous cult. In this game, you had to figure out how to survive the nights and not get killed by the cult members. There were also several endings in this game, so have fun replaying it!

The art style is very simple and pleasing. While most assets were creative common resources, it was cleverly arranged in a way that it would not clash with other assets' styles. The music choices of this game were also very satisfying! It really helped build up the tension, and we had to battle with anxiety and curiosity as we played this game. As for the UI, we love how ornate the choices buttons looked like, however, we were a bit disappointed that there was no hover effect when we pointed our mouse at the button.

All in all, this is a great summer horror game, so we will give this entrant, 10,000 points. Thank you for the experience, KuroAkiza.


                      You played as a young man who woke up after drowning in a strange room full of symbols. Right off the bat, you met a young girl who introduced herself as Zatea. After talking to her for a while, you realized that you had been transported into another world and found out that you had lost your memory despite remembering that you were from a modern world. From there, you met the entire cast of colorful characters who carry a sense of cynicism towards the main character that was both comedic and endearing.

The art in this game is colorful and the style is very charming. Although some sprites had not been fully colored yet, it did not take away the enjoyment from reading through the game. The best thing about this game is the GUI. Instead of using a normal text box placed in the middle of the screen and took at least ⅓ of the entire height of the screen, the text in this game was placed at the bottom of the screen and it could only hold one line of sentences at a time, making it feels like we were watching a subbed tv show, instead of playing a visual novel game.

The animation in this game is very smooth and we could tell that JayRosing99 had pulled an effort to make this happen. While most of the music in this game was pleasant, we still had to point out that the music in the meeting elders scene was rather too upbeat to match the tone of the dialogues. It sounded somewhat out of place and unsuitable.

While being transported to another world in which summer is eternal can be an unforgettable summer experience, due to this game being incomplete, it was hard to judge.

Overall, we like this visual novel and we would love to give this visual novel 12,000 point to JayRosing99


                      Umbrella Tree was set in the universe in which a natural occurrence called Umbrella Tree would happen, which you would own a private dream dimension where you were able to relax and do whatever such as flying, jumping, and just idling around. The protagonist, June, however, was unable to get her own Umbrella Tree naturally, so she had to rely on medicine that had recently been legalized in the US. The medicine's purpose was to promote the occurrence of Umbrella Tree. After taking the pill for a while, June finally got her Umbrella Tree but little did she know, her Umbrella Tree was unusual as it was not a private dream dimension as normal people would have but she had to share it with three other people. The game followed the story of these four as they blossomed into their sudden yet endearing friendship.

Right from the start, we were greeted with cute and charming character arts. The story really reminds you of the freedom of youth, unfettered by society. The concept of owning a dream dimension that allowed you to do anything including creating an object using your own imagination clearly spoke volumes on the theme it was aiming for. It was a delightful experience to see the characters interact with each other.

We also have to mention the Main Menu was lovely. The animation of leaves being blown by the wind was relaxing. The GUI buttons are also perfect! The music was wonderful but for Prologue and Chapter 1, the background music sounded unfit for the content. The background music made it hard to concentrate on the dialogues in the Prologue and Chapter 1. The rest of the scenes were fine, though.

In Intermission, there were short mini-games and we have to say Kudos to Otometaku for adding that! It really makes the experience even better since the animations are all cute.

Congratulations, Otometaku. We will give 15,000 points for this entrant.


And, we are done. Thank you so much for those who participated in the jam. We hope you enjoy reading our review.

We will soon transfer points to the completed entries. Again, thank you so much for joining the jam. Do not forget, we have announced a new Halloween Jam called Spooky Jam. If you have time, please make sure to join them!

The pictures are very beautiful. I love the ball image. The hidden side can be seen for drawing. Exactly. Colors are very clear. Beautiful.