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I forgot to announce it here but a few days ago, we made a survey form to get some feedback from you guys. It will help us a ton if you can take your time and fill this out.

Once you fill out the survey, you may receive free CloudNovel points code.

Click the link to fill in the survey:

Before the year 2019 ends, we have released a survey to get feedback about what CloudNovelists thinks of the current state of CloudNovel. It takes some time to gather all the responses and write this post.

In this post, we will not respond to every question in the form because it will be too long. We hope you can understand that.

Without further due, we will start with the first question about if you checked FAQ before asking us a question. Thankfully, there are more than 70% that say they checked FAQ before asking us a question. If you don’t know where is FAQ located, please look at the header bar > Help > FAQ. If you scroll down to the bottom, FAQ is also located at the site footer.

Then, we find out there are many users who do not realize that you can view your saved collections in Account Settings > Manage Collections. We will make sure to take note of this and think of a more intuitive design to place Manage Collections.

There are a lot of creators asking to have both an automatic save system AND save button. This will be implemented soon so please wait for it.

Next, we will touch about documentation. According to the survey, the majority of you are referring to Youtube video tutorials but we are aiming to make the documentation to be our main learning material in the future. It does not mean we will abandon video tutorials completely, it just a video takes more effort to record and we may end up being even busier in the future so it will be great if you can use documentation to the fullest.

Documentation Request:

  • CloudAvatar Documentation
    We will add documentation once we have added more features to the engine.

  • Make a Custom Clock for time-based choices
    Currently, this is not possible at the moment. We will add this to the to-do list so please make sure to follow this thread to get notified when it is ready.

  • How to Create Animated Menus and Screen
    I wish you can elaborate this more, but I think I know what you are talking about. I will touch this topic in Advanced Animation documentation. It has not been published but please stay tuned.

  • How to Set Up Level Selector
    This is pretty simple? It is just a bunch of buttons with added action Go To: [scene name]. I will not write a documentation tutorial unless more people are asking for it.

  • How to Recall the Previous Playthrough
    I cannot understand this. I wish there is more explanation.

  • How to Add Audio
    It is the same as How to Upload Asset. The only difference is choosing the Sound category instead. I do not think it is warranting standalone documentation. If you want to know what animation command to use instead, then please stay tuned for the updated version of Basic Animation documentation. 

  • Interactive Map
    Yes, I will do it.

  • How to Enter a Password to progress the game
    It is a bit different, but it uses the same mechanics. This subject will be touched in How to Set Up Cheat Password.

  • How to Customize Textboxes and Buttons
    Please look at Customizing Interfaces documentation.

  • How to Loop Animations

  • Best Practices and Common Mistakes
    It does not fit in the documentation but I think this topic is interesting. If you guys have more suggestions about tips and advice posts like this, please comment below. If we have enough topics to write about, I can create a new category in the documentation that is named Extra Tips or something.

  • How to Create Blinking Sprites
    I do not think we specialized in this, so I do not think I will add this.

  • How to Set Text Speed
    I might add this as a subheader of another post, so yes.

  • How to Customize Player Appearance
    Theoretically, it is already possible but we have planned to add CloudAvatar in CloudNovel and please do not worry, when it comes to it, we will add documentation of it.

  • How to Create Rhythm Game
    Right now, it is not possible because we do not support custom keyboard key. However, if you mean point and click rhythm game, then theoretically it is possible to create but since it has not been tested, I cannot write documentation on it.

  • More Minigames!
    Well, please be more specific. Theoretically, again, as long it is a point-and-click game, it is possible to be created in CloudNovel. 

We will just skip the whole site design part. Just to let you know, we are putting all the suggestions into consideration.

Now, onto the feedback. Some of them need to be addressed albeit to avoid misunderstanding and future confusion.

Why we are only allowing the new projects to participate in the game jam and not the already existing game?

To give everyone a fair start. We used to allow both new and existing games to join the jam but we realized, existing games get a headstart compared to the new entries, so after discussion with the staff, we implemented a new rule that allows only a new project can enter the jam. We cannot compromise to allow existing entries to enter the game jam but what we can compromise  n

I dislike passwords. I have to change mine all the time.
CloudNovel has absolute no hands in changing your passwords. If you cannot remember your password, there is nothing we can help you but I think every browser has something called Auto-fill password, maybe that will help? Please set a password that is easy enough for you to remember and complex enough for someone to NOT guess it.

There are also questions about fangame and here are some clarifications about it. 

Does fangame get special exemptions from the screening process?
The answer is no. We create a screening process to ensure the quality of games in CloudNovel. We have set the bar very low so we will not give any special treatment to anyone.

If I create a fangame that you really like, will you approve my game?
It does not matter what original work you are basing, we will treat original and fan games all the same. If your project does not violate any of the rules listed in the Listing Guide, it will be approved.

I create a fangame using original game sprites but is edited and gets disapproved. I feel so unappreciated.
First of all, I am sorry that you have to feel that way but we have clearly say that in the listing guide that we cannot approve a game that used original assets, edited or not. If you want to create a fangame, please make sure you have recreated all assets or use copyright-free material.

I used original art from the original work of the fangame I created because I cannot draw. You are being unfair to non-artists.
If you have money, you can commission an artist to draw for you. If not, you always have options to make friends here in CloudNovel and worked together. There are a lot of artists in CloudNovel that want to work on an interesting project. If you think it is cheap to let an artist work for free, there are always options to trade skills with an artist. You must have other skills other than art skills while they have art skills. Why not trade? There are always more options as long as you are willing to put more effort.

I give credits where it due! Why are you unlisting my game?
If you still use original assets, you are committing copyright infringement. Credits or not.

CloudNovel is unsupportive towards fangame!
Absolutely not true. We treat all the games the same. Even Sonya and DAX get their visual novel disapproved.

Does it mean I should not create a fangame?

No, you can create a fangame. Just make sure the assets you used are not taken from the original work. Edited or not.

If I get permission from the original creators to use original assets, will you approve my game?

Yes, please link the original creator’s statement in the credits, and if we accidentally disapproved of your game, please contact us so we can fix it. We will verify the permission and approve the game.

Why do you even decide to enforce a screening process that approves games to be listed on the site or not?
To protect the quality of games in CloudNovel and to protect CloudNovel as a platform and its users.

What happened if my game is disapproved (unlisted)?
First of all, you won’t die. The world does not end either. Your game is still shareable by link. You can still let others play it as long as you are willing to share the link. The only thing unlisted does it, it hides the game from the front page and the search result, making it non-searchable but by no means, it is not shareable. Like I already mentioned, you can still share it with your friends by sharing the link.

I think that's all for inquiries about fangames. I hope this will answer your questions, so let's move on to other feedbacks.

Will CloudNovel ever add the ability to code on your own?
The answer is no. We are aiming to create an absolute zero coding engine. It will be possible to add more advanced gameplay such as drag and drop (in fact, we are working on to add this) in the future and we will always appreciate more suggestions of what you would like to see in the engine without the need to learn coding on your own. We believe, once we have added the possibility of coding on your own, CloudNovel will no longer be able to achieve the objective of being an absolute zero coding engine.

Can I import/export my game from/to another engine such as Renpy?
No, we do not have the ability to do so.

Will CloudNovel be available in another language (eg: Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, etc?)

Probably in the future but it is not our priority at the moment.

Will you create an app for CloudNovel?

We are planning to but not in our top priority list right now.

Will you create a desktop version of CloudNovel?
Well, maybe but again, not at the top of our priority list.

Is CloudNovel an anti-non-anime game? I only see games with anime art styles on the platform.
Absolutely not. We support all types of art styles. Anime or non-anime. It is just a coincidence that the majority of our creators create works with anime art style but fear not, we still have non-anime visual novels in the platforms such as No Boys Allowed, The Sigj, The Witch of Pondgulch, A Grave Robbery and many, many more!

Am I allowed to create visual novels with mature content?
Yes, just make sure your age is appropriate to create such content and set the audience rating properly in the project settings. We only asked you to keep civilized manner in the forum and to not use curse words when interacting with other users because people who feel uncomfortable with cursing exists in the world. For example, me. I am an adult but I still feel uncomfortable with people who keep throwing the f-bomb and the word that is synonym to the mother of a dog. Even the laymen term of poop makes me yikes.

Does CloudNovel own my project?
No, we do not. You own and bear the responsibility of the work you have created using CloudNovel.

Can I sell my game to third-party stores such as or Steam? Do I have to share my revenue with CloudNovel if I did so?
You own what you created so of course, you may sell it to wherever you want. You do not have to share the revenue with CloudNovel if you sell your game in a third-party store as well.

When will CloudNovel add the option to port a project to mobile?

We are not sure when we will add the option to port a project to mobiles such as Android and IOS but we are looking for a way to add this in the near future. 

Thank you for creating CloudNovel and give non-programmers an opportunity to try and create something with your engine.
Thank you for existing and your kind words! We are glad that we are able to help you. Let's work hard together to create even more amazing stuff.

That is everything. You may get a free coupon code by submitting a response through the survey as it is still opened but please be hurry because the coupon code has an expiration date. For those who have answered the survey, please make sure you redeem it as soon as possible because if the coupon expired, you will no longer able to redeem your points.