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Hi, I'm Cloud☁️. I need help making my first visual novel ever. I think I have a great story idea but the controls are confusing and I'm not good at art.🥺 If your interested in helping with those things above please respond! ❤️✨🤗
Description: It's the main character's, Eileen, second Judgement Day. If she fails she will be executed. She gets chosen as a maid, surprisingly perhaps out of pity and then serves the princess. One day she is attacked by another royal and she attacks back... With lightning. Only royals have that. You are put forward as a long lost princess and are engaged to one of the princes. It's 18+ and there's more to the story I just don't want to spoil the whole thing. Also choices will be very important in this visual novel. And lastly might also need help with story as well🤗
There's likes 13 views! Yay... Are people able to reply to this????
Is there anyone willing to help?

Does anyone want to collaborate on Judgement Day with me? If so, please respond soon.
Also update! I've decided not to make the game 18+! 
Hi, can I help?
I’ll help