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Hey there, Byssa6 here. This is my tokyo mew mew fan series!
Tokyo mew mew is an anime about girls who were injected with animal dna.
Name: Ami Shojo
Mew name: Mew cake pop
Animal: white tiger
Weapon: cake pop staff
Dere: DereDere
Mew mark: cake pop with Tiger ears and tail
Mew mark location: Left kneeName: Li Yang
Mew name: Mew Pomogranate
Animal: Tree squirrel
Weapon: pomegranate bombs
Dere: Oujodere
Mew mark: Pomogranate with squirrel ears and tail
Mew mark location: forehead
Name: Sora Aizu
Mew name: Mew Red grape
Animal: flying fox
Weapon: Grape barrier
Dere: Kuudere
Mew mark: grape with bat wings
Mew mark location: Right side of neck
Name: Hitomi Aizu
Mew name: Mew Purple grape
Animal: Fennec fox
Weapon: Grape Sword
Dere: Tsundere
Mew mark: Grape with fox ears and tail
Mew mark location: back
-Where to find the episodes-
I will release the episodes on scratch. I will work on episode 1 once I'm done with sora and hitomi's designs.