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Meet Aurora Cookie!

Rank: legandary
Story: when the sea reflected the moon and the moon shined on the sea, Aurora Cookie was born. This mysterious cookie loves to watch the sea from the night sky on her Aurora Borealis. and sometimes, she comes down to meet passing cookies!
Ability: rides an Aurora Borealis at given intervals. During the ride, energy drains 10% slower. Level up for more frequent skill activation.
Magic candy: During the ride, Aurora jellies appear and the cookie gets revived. The stronger the enchanted power, the more points for Aurora jellies and more energy for revival.
Daily gift: crystals
Like: broken sugar crystal
Dislike: broken key fragment
Liked magic candy ingredient: full moon pearl.
Gift reaction: Thank you. (Neutral)
It doesn't have to be full to be dazzling. (Given Broken sugar crystal)
This is not it's time of use. (Given Broken key fragment.)
The sea's tears... Sad, yet dazzling. (given full moon pearl)
Daily gift line: You will need this.
Sea fairy cookie: the sea... Lovely. (family)
Moonlight cookie: I always sit next to you in the night sky. (Family)
Dark encantress cookie: The darkness... Wicked. (Tension)
Millennial tree cookie: I feel bad for your curse... (friendly)
Magic candy ingredients: Full moon pearl, Solid violet sugar crystal, and shiny sugar crystal.
Aurora Cookie jelly description: It's unknown why she covers her eye...
That's all! I will have another post regarding her pet, but for now this is all I got.