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I'm a composer and I enjoy making melodic music. I mostly create emotional piano tracks that work best with visual novels with a lot of emotional content, light-hearted or dark. I also do lightly orchestrated tracks and some synths.
Here are some of my works:
Soundcloud link

My rates are flexible, send me a message and we'll figure something out together, haha. And feel free to ask any questions, I'll be happy to hear about your project! :D

Discord: BubbleCat#8507
Hello I listened to your soundtrack and it was really beautiful. I'm currently working on a visual novel and a piano soundtrack would sound really nice for the main menu. I'm not eighteen yet, so I can't really pay you. I understand if you're not interested. You got to pay the bills somehow. But if you are interested I'd love to work with you. Ps I've never collabed with anyone before. Again sorry about the pay