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Forum Notice 👋 The roleplay forum is closed, and will resume once the Steve Jobs ( family is done pretending to be 13 year olds talking with real underage children, convincing them to explore their sexuality!
Hey there! I signed up for this site but hasn't been here in ages lol, back then I was a big fan of Sonya's Cafe Rouge and Skights, today I got on to try attempting to make a visual novel but I was super surprised and confused when I saw Isis(from Cafe Rouge) didn't have green hair anymore and that art style was so different! Real hats off to those who can draw! 

My name is Bisami, my real name's Bianca, but you can just call me Bisa or BB if you want. 
I'm an otaku...(rip kissasian) and I'm an aspiring writer, lately I've been realizing that I'm greatly influenced by games these days so I can't write any normal  slice of life stories, so I'm just gonna try seeing what will happen here. :)