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Hello ! So I need some help with a new VN I came up with, it is called Cold Arrangement.

The plot: Ray and June are married. But they doesn't love each other, their wedding was arranged by their parents to boost their buisness.
Ray accepted the decision quite easily, already swimming in the buisness even at a young age while
June screamed and threaten to run away.
But time as now passed, both of them now CEO of their own buisness, still wearing the rings to their fingers and still ignoring each other. But maybe a certain night will soon ignote a little spark 
in both their hearts...

So here's what I'm in need:
  • Artists (BG, Characters, GUI, CG) I will help but this time I want to focus on the writing, I can provide sketches and palette colors. The style that I chose is: Manga.
  • Writer (If I can have a second mind on the script I'll feel even more confident)
  • Proofreader (it isn't urgent but if you want to, you can apply)
  • Composer

If you wish to apply, please send me what you're capable of, if you have a link to a website DM me or comment.
If you have questions or want to knows something, feel free to ask me~
Hope anyone wants to join the team~