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Red Grimly Tale [+DOWNLOAD]   Mature 17 Completed Boy pursues Boy

Red Grimly Tale [+DOWNLOAD]   Mature 17 Completed Boy pursues Boy

by fluffness

581 Subscribers
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13,960 Words
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Released Sat Dec 10 2016

by fluffness
581 Subscribers

#monoyagi#complete#fairy tale
Red is going to visit his grandma, who lives in a village across the wood. However, rumors say that there's a dangerous wolf living in the forest.


KoukiChanOwO May 19th, 2020

Red Hood was borned on the 22 of June? same birthday as mine XD

TrioGamer May 15th, 2020

This whole game was so amazing! I played for hours and somehow still couldn't get two of the endings. I'll be back to get them another day, hahaha!

TemplarRoman May 4th, 2020

Anyone know how to get the second ending on the bottom row?

TemplarRoman May 4th, 2020

Something weird happened, the bottom left extra (random adventure) disappeared randomly. Can you only do it once or something?

SuperAce1 May 1st, 2020

I can't get to the market, dose anyone have a tip to help my sorry a**

irontiuay Apr 25th, 2020

I really love this novel!!
But, there are some bugs, the neclace sometimes will just stuck to the screen, it ofthen disappears when you click on the basket but when u lose the inventory it won't disappear. There's also the Detective game, its selection button would stuck to the main screen until u play again. And something I noticed while trying to go for a not main ending is that, when I finished it (in normal mode), in the Extras one of my unlocked game just disappearde, and I can't remember wich route unlocked it; I could only find 7 Extras, the one I'm lacking after chosing normal mode was the one on the lower right corner, I couldn't even play it when it was gone ;o;

Solaastar Mar 30th, 2020

This was really fun! Although I think I had gotten the boring ending on my first try- (yes I'm boring-) I also loved all the art in it.


my second ending resulted in me becoming Gretel's sacrifice- which was really interesting (hEck it went from 0 to 100 real quick-) (also for a sec I had thought that Gretel was a yander and was gonna kill red cause he was getting to close to Hansel,,,)(whoops?)

CarolSemJ Mar 30th, 2020


fluffpup Mar 22nd, 2020


I got this one ending where red ate a chocolate bar and something happened (he probably died) after the the wolf (the older brother) tried to eat him but he threw the basket at them, but no matter what, I can’t find out how to get that ending again

TerapinStudios Jan 19th, 2020

Best part of the game? Minecraft water sound effect.
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