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Red Grimly Tale [+DOWNLOAD] Mature 17 Completed Boy pursues Boy

by fluffness

451 Subscribers
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Released Sat Dec 10 2016

by fluffness

451 Subscribers
#monoyagi#complete#fairy tale
Red is going to visit his grandma, who lives in a village across the wood. However, rumors say that there's a dangerous wolf living in the forest.


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Red Grimly Tale by Monoyagi
Character design by Monoyagi
Sprites by Monoyagi
Story by Monoyagi and fluffness
Developed by fluffness
CG by Monoyagi. Special thanks to Amioki and kuru for help
Granma's bgm theme by Zefiroxable
Proofreading by Zefiroxable and Lavity

Backgrounds by:

Music by:
If any of our contents violates your copyright, please tell us, we will remove it immediatelly.


sydsydneu Aug 23rd, 2019

This game? FANTASTIC. Expectations? Blown RIGHT out of the water ;)) Where can I purchase the precious wolf child uwu
I had so much fun playing this game with my obsession of getting all of the gallery endings. I almost got all of the endings except the one on the top left corner

TalonPlayz Aug 18th, 2019

how do you meet hansel and gretel

AngelBerry Aug 9th, 2019

those two dislikes are probably from unworthy peasants

AngelBerry Aug 6th, 2019

i gt the endings "your'e a boring person" "you shouldn't go outside" "the abyss" "i shouldn't have meet the wolf" and "the love and color of red" but i still have three missing .-. i tried finding youtube videos to help me find a way to finish all stories, but i cant ;-; help?

TalonPlayz Jul 3rd, 2019

This really looked fun to read but after 2 hours of trying to get into the novel it still wouldn't let me so my adventure is off for today. ;(

foxesandjuice Jun 15th, 2019

how do you get the abyss ending? i see how to get grannys ending but not the abyss

hinarin Jun 9th, 2019

Hello I loved your game, but I seems to miss one ending everytime...
I got "Goodbye wolf", "I shouldn't go outside", "the abyss", "it's a promise", "you're a boring person", "are you lost?" and the true ending .
Can you help me please?
(btw wolf is so fluffy @_@ must pet)

Ishmall Jun 7th, 2019

I wasn't expecting granny's house to be the breezehome

cutekawaiifox18 May 16th, 2019

im bak to play again XD and people REALLY love wolf wow

ShotoNemar May 5th, 2019

Alright I've played to this to death again. (this VN never gets old) All the Gallery endings, including the nothing happens ending. This time I played all the extras, except that last one that... hrm... Well I'll show up again next year to play again. xD

ShotoNemar May 5th, 2019

Endings are still having troubles showing up in the gallery.

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 25th, 2019

what manga u read?

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 22nd, 2019

doing poetry assignments in reading and my poem iwrote about myself was a fail XD wanna hear it?

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 22nd, 2019

yesterday i realized the song Lily (listen if you havent) is just like rgt if rgt was turned really dramatic

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 14th, 2019

wow witch destroying rooms so red and wolf sleep together?! also just finally realized that the bkg for the detective game is the same as helen´s doll house lol

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 12th, 2019

i think wolf would do gret for a nightcore bury a friend!! a sad pic

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 7th, 2019

ok WHO made a bunch of accounts and spam liked wolf?? lol

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 7th, 2019

did you throw your likeing bl into witch XD

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 7th, 2019

oh my god go on pandora and listen to the MyBoi (TroyBoi remix) this LIT

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 6th, 2019

playing the detective part as wolf, asked big wolf if he was hunugry he said he ate a lot of snack then saidhe didnt eat a lot of snack :/

FandomBOI Mar 3rd, 2019

I also love the Detecting Game extra! But I didn't found out who the culprit is, I really thought it was Lake God!

FandomBOI Mar 3rd, 2019

Monoyagi and Fluffness... You guys did an amazing game! I love this so much! Though I kinda got addicted on finding the other endings haha... I got almost all of the endings! But the problem is on the bottom one, I already know the "You're a boring person ending" since I got the ending yesterday but I forgot how to get it again... and I can't seem to get the second at the bottom. But still! It's amazing!

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 23rd, 2019

Seeing if this work on phone lol

AnonymousWolf Feb 23rd, 2019

Great novel! Had a lot of fun playing it and trying to get all the endings! Can't seem to figure out how to get the one on the top row to the very right tho...

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 15th, 2019

just realized how many comments im putting 0.0

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 15th, 2019

oh its a promise end so cuteeeee

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 15th, 2019

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 15th, 2019

i call wolf my puppy XD

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 15th, 2019

hei fluffy how do u+monoyagi kno each other?

JustGame Feb 15th, 2019

Uwah, I've gotten all the routes except for the top 4 routesm could someone send help pls:

Sonya Feb 6th, 2019

This game has the most interesting deaths lol XD
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