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Red Grimly Tale [+DOWNLOAD]   Mature 17 Completed Boy pursues Boy

Red Grimly Tale [+DOWNLOAD]   Mature 17 Completed Boy pursues Boy

by fluffness

514 Subscribers
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13,960 Words
2 Dislikes
74 Favorites
Released Sat Dec 10 2016

by fluffness
514 Subscribers

#fairy tale#complete#monoyagi
Red is going to visit his grandma, who lives in a village across the wood. However, rumors say that there's a dangerous wolf living in the forest.


periwinkleperyton Jan 19th, 2020

Best part of the game? Minecraft water sound effect.

JustliketoOwO Jan 12th, 2020

Such an amazing game!!! I love this game so much. Worked for a long time to get all the endings but it was worth it <3 wolf is such an adorable character and the witch might have to be my favorite haha. Thank you for making such a greate game <3

TokuMei Nov 4th, 2019

how do I get to the witches house, I've been trying... and failing, dramatically

Animegumi Oct 1st, 2019

OMG, that true ending ..... I knew it that Shion - wait I mean Red is the best boy bc who doesn't want white hair boy, sweet, clumsy and of course Yander- I mean cute boy :) Wolf you lucky boy be careful :)

Animegumi Sep 30th, 2019

Red and Wolf kinda look like Mafumafu and Soraru LMAO but anyway I gonna download this and see how good the story and the ending :)

sydsydneu Aug 23rd, 2019

This game? FANTASTIC. Expectations? Blown RIGHT out of the water ;)) Where can I purchase the precious wolf child uwu
I had so much fun playing this game with my obsession of getting all of the gallery endings. I almost got all of the endings except the one on the top left corner

TalonPlayz Aug 18th, 2019

how do you meet hansel and gretel

AngelBerry Aug 9th, 2019

those two dislikes are probably from unworthy peasants

AngelBerry Aug 6th, 2019

i gt the endings "your'e a boring person" "you shouldn't go outside" "the abyss" "i shouldn't have meet the wolf" and "the love and color of red" but i still have three missing .-. i tried finding youtube videos to help me find a way to finish all stories, but i cant ;-; help?

TalonPlayz Jul 3rd, 2019

This really looked fun to read but after 2 hours of trying to get into the novel it still wouldn't let me so my adventure is off for today. ;(
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