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Helen's doll house [+v2.0 download ver] PG-13 Completed

by fluffness

453 Subscribers
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Released Tue Feb 14 2017

by fluffness

453 Subscribers
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Helen is the daughter of a famous doll maker. Her wish is to become good like her father. One day, a stranger with a red scarf dropped a magic book for her...

support us on Ko-fi to play the special version with:
-no slow loading
-2 new dolls (male)
-bad ending/special dolls (4) join your collection after you finish game
-crossover characters with red grimly tale (6 characters) and winter jam special (2 dolls)
-Christmas 2018 special event
-work in progress gallery (collection of pictures from our wip sketches, short comics, beta design, etc)
-cheating sheet with answers to get all dolls
join discord to collect your rewards!

Beware: in case of bad ending, all collected dolls will disappear, so remember to save before making new doll.


Helen's Doll House by Monoyagi
Characters design by Monoyagi
Art by Monoyagi
Story by Monoyagi and fluffness
Developed by fluffness

Special thanks to Amacha for music (music doesn't belong to us)


lupas May 1st, 2019

anyone know how to get holic doll?

cutekawaiifox18 Apr 26th, 2019

sorry that i haven't been playing your games XD

cutekawaiifox18 Apr 11th, 2019

i made a helen put of clay i would have left it and waited till i was ungrounded to try and post it on da but my brother force bought it back XD

cutekawaiifox18 Apr 10th, 2019

any manga u suggest? bored rn

cutekawaiifox18 Apr 9th, 2019

one my kittens died ;(

awesomekkay Mar 27th, 2019

Could I please have some hints for getting the sleepy doll? He's the last one I have to get but I'm stuck.

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 18th, 2019

do you know any art websites other then deviantart where you can save online art youre making to your account instead of a specific computer?

AlexShS Mar 15th, 2019

I got the yandere doll as my second doll and now I can't play? Is there a way to restart?

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 11th, 2019


cutekawaiifox18 Mar 7th, 2019

hey new warning all funny conversations will become my very rare original tumblr memes lol

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 6th, 2019

*cry* all the bad dolls want is to be loved

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 5th, 2019

love how ayao is referred as so many things; mystery man/merchant/god, and ayao

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 5th, 2019

btw in the end if you go outside you get stuck

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 5th, 2019

oh my god so much comes to light

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 5th, 2019

awnsers for mirror helen pls? >n<

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 5th, 2019

hey fluff if you wanna see my tumblr its cutekawaiifox18 (of course) warning lots of complaining there recent ly so just skipp those for 98% unoriginal me es lol

cutekawaiifox18 Mar 4th, 2019

im dead skipped school friday and most the class today x.x dont know what were doing in math anymoreeee

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 25th, 2019

Le Goat reading Monoyagi letter:¨all hail the weed, weed of the lord! eat weed all day!¨
me: ¨NANI?!?!?!¨

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 25th, 2019

im finished with the game now but wanna keep playing so i just talk with my dolls :I

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 24th, 2019

Lemme guess more story in download?

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 22nd, 2019

i funna make a fandom page on this game :D

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 22nd, 2019

getting frustrated cant ger cool doll can i have some hints help lol

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 22nd, 2019

wow sleepy doll is adorable X3

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 21st, 2019

helen holding the book over there, does it say ¨the doh¨???????

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 21st, 2019

can you give a list of all the dolls? got some i need to get, just dont give how to get the dolls

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 21st, 2019

named yandere doll Ynadere-Kun :)

Miifu Feb 16th, 2019

The dolls are so cute *sob* I need real dolls of them

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 11th, 2019

hei fluff whats ur google acc? i can talk there bettter

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 11th, 2019

lol yea good idea to add save close button

Sonya Feb 7th, 2019

Fluff there's a bug with the comments, ignore these comments

cutekawaiifox18 Feb 7th, 2019

hei fluffness
srry i havent been able to get on deviantart its blocked off school computers and im grounded soooo ya lol

Sonya Feb 5th, 2019

First comment muhuahuahua (btw happy chinese new year)
Characters Screenshots

Wizard doll


Shy doll


Sleepy doll