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CloudNovel Breakdown!!   Completed

CloudNovel Breakdown!!   Completed

by fluffness, HaryuChan, krasnir, DAX, lenore, Vodka, Kazuna

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Released Mon Apr 01 2019

by fluffness, HaryuChan, krasnir, DAX, lenore, Vodka, Kazuna

#april fool#cloudnovel#the wrecking crew
Comedy Puzzle Yaoi Romance
IMPORTART: THIS GAME IS BUGGY AND IT'S MADE TO BE BUGGY (make y'all rage quit kakaka). Well the thing is that there are random bugs everywhere and it might do strage things. If you can't play it, try refreshing a couple of times, it will be playable eventually. Remember to save often.
Happy April fools! The Wrecking Crew is breaking CloudNovel site again and Sonya is crying.


bakafrappuccino May 29th, 2021

Last year I played this but I stopped because of bugs. Now I'm back because this VN just pops up in my head. I wonder, has anyone ever finished this lmao, I don't see a single comment talking about it

BrandyTheDemoness May 17th, 2021

This is really good so far!

Byssa6 Apr 21st, 2020

I saw "fluff" written with her blood!!

Byssa6 Apr 21st, 2020

My name in the game is Yeeter25.

fatimanemilx Apr 5th, 2020

This is really good. This 100% deserves more attention. Good jobs, everyone!

Qutiepatootie Jan 29th, 2020

R.I.P Sonya xD

Yoneeru Sep 23rd, 2019

i dont know if its the game or not but i cant play it :c
i can play the begining, but right after the lines"WAAAAAAAAHH" come, it freezes :c

Drakone Jul 16th, 2019

"We are sorry; this option is not available." Choice is an illusion...
This is still fun, though!

Mothunny Apr 1st, 2019

wow i already cant get in the game XO

Alexa Apr 1st, 2019

Thanks a lot for this wonderful game. ^w^
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