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Joined Jul 23rd, 2020
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Joined Jul 23rd, 2020
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Feb 13th, 2022


haha imagine being single for valentine's day. 🧍🏼‍♂
Jun 27th, 2022
being single during pride month is the most homophobic thing ever istg
Apr 19th, 2022
i feel like i failed as a game dev in the valentine's day game jam so bad. *busts a fire dance move on the disco dancing floor*
Mar 31st, 2022
Feb 18th, 2022
Even Duolingo's pfp quality is better. 🙁
Feb 16th, 2022
screaming. *break dances*
Feb 16th, 2022
Besties why does my pfp look so pixely. Literally Nintendo 64 graphics. 🧍‍♂
Feb 14th, 2022
Happy Valentine's Day, all!

I ate a lot of sweets today, lol, and now I'm sick of them. I guess I should be grateful, but my teeth hurt like hell. My valentine gave me a bunch of stuff, and I gave them more because why not ahhfbbahraaah.

Off topic a bit; I found out that a guy in a lot of my classes spent over $900 on his girlfriend for Christmas. LOL. I spent like 90 at most yesterday. I couldn't find a chocolate rose for my friend (still wondering why his girlfriend didn't get him something), but I gave him a big bear and chocolates since he begged me for something. The things I do for my ex, istg./nm

Anyway, to sum up my Valentine's Day, I got a lot of candy and my teeth hurt, I spoiled my partner and my ex got stuff from me because they wanted something from me too. HE ASKED ME TO BE HIS VALENTINE JSNGIH EKNADFSIH FWJNOJEO SCREAMING. I told him it didn't make sense because we both had partners. I kind of feel bad. Oh well. LOL. He broke up with me so I don't feel THAT bad. Now I have jewelry (two necklaces, one from my partner and one from my ex, full ass ring that goes on my entire finger, and a chain bracelet), probably a cavity developing, a little yoshi plushie that matches the color of my new stress ball, I think they're called sand crystals but they're flat-sheet stone things (forgot the name lmao), and a great memory of my 2022 Valentine's Day. Imagine being single today anfihbgwihakkahsb.

I hope you all enjoyed your day, single or not, and I wish everyone a good night. Have fun! :D
Feb 13th, 2022
i swear, if i wake up tomorrow for school to see my partner and i can't because of how much it snowed today, i'm going to be so angry and the world is going to snap. fair warning. 😄🫶🏼/hj
Feb 10th, 2022
guys i'm so excited for the valentine's day game jam!!!! oh my lordie lord AAAAAAAA!!!!!!! i'm having a lot of fun developing the idea, i hope you guys like my first FINISHED game. WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(i'm very excited if you couldn't tell)
Dec 28th, 2021
Created new topic Anime RP! in the Role Play forum: hey! this is an anime RP for anyone that wants to join. this is, basically, freestyle. there's no set anime, but there should be themes of it. by that, i mean character design and fantasy-type setting, it shouldn't be entirely realistic. however, it's not based on a specific anime (demon slayer, mha, naruto, saiki k, aot, etc). please fill out a template:

occupation/level of school:
description (picture is fine, just have a general look for them):

this is a minor friendly RP. please be respectful of all other users. you are allowed to have one (1) character, however, this is only until the thread reaches a certain size (multiple users). until the thread has at least 5 users, each user is limited to TWO characters.

minimal swearing/cussing, be mindful of others, PG-13 at most, nothing graphic (nudity, violence, wounds), non RP info should be in parentheses "()", be kind!

have fun. :]
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