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Blood clot (remake demo)   PG-13 Discontinued Girl pursues Girl

Blood clot (remake demo)   PG-13 Discontinued Girl pursues Girl

by ecstaticavity

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Released Sun Jan 26 2020

by ecstaticavity
21 Subscribers

I started to finally remake this game! And I'm so happy with it! For now, it's just a demo but the next chapters might come out soon (no promises!). If people seem interested with this I may start adding new menus and features! I already have a few ideas. See you soon!


aaaashton Apr 17th, 2020

This is so interesting! cant wait for next part

MandM1313 Apr 16th, 2020

Woah really good I can't wait for the next part

dariopanda0603 Apr 2nd, 2020

is that yuri?

Kazuna Feb 9th, 2020

Love your art style!

ILoveGachaGames Feb 1st, 2020

Pleas make more of your game it is cool. ^^

CJMoon Jan 31st, 2020

Cool! Eager to see the next parts!
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