In this tutorial we will show you how to add buttons to your visual novel.

Go to your visual novel project library, and click on the buttons tab to go to your buttons. Click on add a button. A form will appear. Fill out the form with a name and the source/URL link of your button image: Name - name of button.
Source - source or URL link of the button image.

*Your button image URL should end with .jpg, .gif, or .png extension file. If your button image URL does not end with the file/image extension, most likely that URL will not work.

Once you have copied the URL/source, paste it in source. You may also preview your button to make sure the image is correct. Click on add asset. Your button should now be added. To add a hover image to your button, click on the button to open the asset's menu. A second hover source will appear under the asset source. Paste your button hover image source here, and press save changes. You may also adjust your button typography. To change the typography of you button text, click on the button to open the asset's menu. From here you may adjust your button text's font, font size, and color. Press save changes to save any changes you make to the typography

Congratulations, you have now added your button to your visual novel! Continue onto the next tutorial to learn how to add texts.